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Thread: ESP Eclipse 1 & Burny White Les Paul Custom

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    UK sales ESP Eclipse 1 & Burny White Les Paul Custom

    UK based.

    So I have mulled over moving on a few guitars (GAS is my mistress) and have come to the decision that these two are too similar to other guitars I already own. But only because I have quite a few singlecut guitars now.

    So I have these two

    ESP is stock and comes with hard case.

    It has a very thin paint crack on the underside which is purely cosmetic and has been there the whole time I have owned it. Contact me and I'll email you more pics of the guitar if you need them. I have Witch Hat knobs on it, but I will put the original black knobs back on when I sell it. You can see the different ones in the two pictures.

    Burny has BK Emerald in the bridge and a Guitar Force Custom wound in the neck. It also has upgraded pots, caps, switch and wiring loom. It also come in a good quality hard case.

    Currently it has a set of Gibson Gold tuners from a Les Paul Custom from the 80s on, but I have the originals and will put them back on for you. I'll keep the Gibson ones and use them on another guitar. It also has Witch Hat knobs ( as I like them), but I will remove them and put on the orignals back on for you a I want the Witch Hats for another guitar.

    The guitar is in good condition and I have lightly matted the neck as when I was playing it live before it would get sticky. Now it doesn't. However it was done so lightly that you could polish it back out again if you liked. Personally I think it is way better as is.

    Says Made In Japan on the back. Though I thought modern ones were made in China... It makes no difference to me as the guitar sounds like it should do. Steve Jones in a tin.

    So I'm looking at trades on either of these with guideline trade values / cash prices for trade set at 950 for the ESP and 600 for the Burny.

    I know the market is stagnant at the moment, so I figure trades are the way forward.

    However I can take cash as well on either guitar.

    So shoot me your offers...
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    Some more pics...

    You can see its a nice cream colour compared to my PRS.

    Pic of hairline paint crack on ESP. Its hard to photo as its so thin. However these two pics give you the detail.

    It has factory fitted Sperzels locking heads instead of the later rubbish ESP ones.

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