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    Zion Carvetop

    So I picked this up from Garret a few months back with the hopes of doing a bit of restore work on it, but we are moving back to Arizona, and I don't know the next time I'll be able to actually work on it. My tools and such will be in storage at my parents' place for the forseeable next few months, and by that time it will be dead winter, so my work space will be taken up by snow.

    I'd like to get what I've got into it only. $250 + shipping obo and its yours.

    Its missing the single coils, and right now its got a V8 pickup in it as a placeholder. I've had it strung up and playing, it works pretty good. Neck is good, frets are in good shape as well. It is a project as you probably know, so unless you are in the mood to do some work on it, it probably isn't for you.

    The steeler is in great shape, and is a great trem.

    I'll gladly take more pictures detailing the shape its in if you want them. Not horrible by any stretch, but it certainly isn't gorgeous.

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    GL that is a tantilizing project no doubt

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    Too bad I have way to many projects going right now. Are you moving to Flagstaff? Thats where I'm at, I ask because you said Arizona and snow.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Yep! Moving to Flagstaff. Pmed

    Trades on gear, not guitars. I play lefty. I only picked this up as a project, not to play.

    Also, if anybody wants it, I'll ship it to you on my dime.
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    Besides PUPs and strap pins what does it need, besides refinished. That is a expensive axe if you ordered one and the one I had was a killer.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Really, not a ton. The frets are good, the trem is good, although it doesn't have the autolatch system on it.

    The finish is cracking in places, but it's not the wood, just the finish. The decal on the neck was sanded off. If you just want something that's gonna play excellently and not worry about beating it up the current state will be just fine.

    Really, slap some pickups in, and do a setup, you'll have a nice player condition guitar.

    PM me if you want and I'll get you more pics and such.

    I've even got strap pins for it. They just aren't in. I have a switch tip, too I think.

    I've had it strung up and boy it's an excellent player.
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