Yeah so I'm just seeing if there are any bites out there, and although I really dig this guitar I'm contemplating selling to change it up or possibly funds for a motorcycle...

There is some light belt scratches only on the rear trem cover but otherwise this bitch is in near mint shape and sounds huge with great sustain and fat tone

I bought this axe October 2011 from GC but the previous owner put in a EMG-HZ instead of the stock 81. I did buy a Dimarzio Tone Zone for it from Donnie but never got around to installing it in so if you decide you want that instead let me know.

Nato body (eastern mahogany), neck thru maple, ebony board, beast style headstock, 1000 series Floyd Rose

New Gator Oversized Softcase gigbag (the only softcase on the market that would fit her; shes nearly 48" tall and 17" wide at the base!)
whammy bar


ebay - doombag and references from this site

Price: PayPal GIFT plx.
$550 Shipped CONUSA, OBO!

More pics from my NGD thread can be found here


DAT ass...

Tuned to Eb to get your old school Cannibal Corpse on