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Thread: Bernie Rico Jr, Brubaker, Jackson, Ibanez, Strictly 7, etc.

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    Bernie Rico Jr, Brubaker, Jackson, Ibanez, Strictly 7, etc.

    Alright, fellas, here's the deal - time is running short and the Tax man needs his money, so I have to sell something. Not everything has to go, but, these are all for sale or trade - please don't hesitate to make any offer you might think of - I'm easy to work with and fairly open minded. Guitars, basses, amps, etc. are all fair game. Everything is located in Mt.Pleasant, PA at the moment.

    Send all offers via PM or e-mail: adamofangels@gmail.com

    1. Strictly 7 Flying V Custom 6 - 9.8/10 condition

    This guitar is just about new - I got it from the original owner, who had it built as a backup to a matching guitar and never really played it.

    Maple neck, mahogany wings, ebony fretboard, 26 SS frets (regular spacing, longer scale), hip shot bridge, Seymour Duncan pickups

    $1500 or trades

    S7 V 6 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    2. Brubaker Lexa 4 - 9/10 condition

    Probably the best sounding bass I've ever owned, and it plays incredibly well. It's not mint, but it hasn't been abused.

    Maple neck, Wenge board, Flamed Paulowina body, 2-TEK bridg, 34 5/8" scale length, Lane Poor JJ pickups, 3-band Bartolini preamp with contour and active/passive toggles (missing a knob, though)

    $1800 or trades

    Lexa 4 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    3. LTD Ben Savage signature 7 - 9.8/10 condition

    The coolest 7 string they make, outside of the AW7. No flaws aside from a light clear coat scratch/scuff on the back near the pin strap.

    $900 or trades

    Bs7 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    4. Carvin DC-800 - 9.5/10 condition

    I literally just got this and by no means need to move it, but I figured that I might as well include it since I was putting these other guitars up, and I'm not much of an 8 string player. Quality is on par with any other Carvin. The only flaw worth mentioning is a small clear coat chip near the input jack.

    $1200 or trades

    Dc800 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    5. Carvin Headless Holdsworth 1 - Silver/Grey - 9.9/10 condition

    Not a mark on it that I can find.

    XS Tremolo
    Gunmetal Gray Metallic
    Maple Neck/Alder Body (Standard)
    5-Piece Maple Neck w/ 2 Walnut Stripes
    Tung Oil Finish Back Of Neck (Natural Wood)
    Birdseye Maple Fingerboard (Tung-Oiled)
    Stainless Jumbo Frets .055" H .110" W
    20" Fretboard Radius
    H22T Bridge Pickup
    Dunlop Straplocks

    $1200 or trades

    Carvin HH1 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    6. Ibanez UV777BK - 9/10 condition

    I'm actually the original owner of this one, though it has changed hands a few times since then. The pickups were swapped for Seymour Duncan Full Shreds (I think). It's a lovely playing and sounding Universe. It has a few tiny dings and scratches, but nothing major - it was played a lot, not abused.

    $1400 or trades

    UV777BK SD Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    7. Jackson SL2GX Rootbeer #7/20 - 9.5/10 condition

    This is a limited edition Soloist from the Custom Shop, of which 20 were made. I believe it was also the first Soloist with a hardtail like this. Without exaggeration, it's one of the finest guitars I've ever owned - it somehow reminds me of what you'd get if you crossed a PRS and a Jackson, in terms of aesthetics, feel, and tone.

    $2000 or trades

    Sl2gx Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    8. Bernie Rico Jr. Jekyll 727 - 9.9/10 condition

    This was built during BRJ's hay day and is a perfect example of the amazing work Bernie is capable of. It's purely sexual to the eye, and is also at the top of the game as far as tone and playability goes. If you want an all black, sexy 7 string, there is no reason to look elsewhere. I'm serious.

    Mahogany body and neck, 27 SS frets, ebony fretboard, OFR, BKP Painkiller pickups

    $2700 or trades

    Jekyll 727 2 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

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    Damn dude this is a sick collection. Bummer you have to sell. wish i had the cash for the BRJ!

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    wow I was checking out the bs7 last night on the esp site and now you have one for sale. If I can manage to get some cash I'd buy it off of ya. sick collection too
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Well, the Rico is gone, but everything else is still he. I'm accepting best offers, now, since I need to sell a few of these quickly

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    5 dollars, a condom and a bag of peanuts for the bs7?

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    If you have many more 5 dollarss, that might work

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    That Jackson is so sexy. Shame you have to sell it. Good luck with your sale!

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