I caved and ordered an RG8. I really don't get along with the locking bridge on this thing.

It's been played and is in pretty good shape. It's got a DA8 bridge and PAF8 neck. I shielded the control cavity with a StewMac shielding kit.

In the interest of full disclosure: aside from a couple small nicks on the body, there are some little dent things on the fretboard. I'm pretty sure this is from the previous (and first) owner getting the frets reseated. Having said that, the fretwork was done well. Other than that, one of the hex screw heads on the bridge (for the low F#/E) is starting to strip, but it still works like it should if you're careful to get the allen key seated. It's like the top half of the head is stripping. I'll see if a nut lock screw will work in its place. The open G string (and just the open string) buzzes a bit. I can't hear it through an amp, and I didn't feel like driving an hour+ to pay to get it looked at. I haven't got the battery cover. Other than that, everything is tip top. I've been burned too many times buying used stuff and want to be totally honest with this.

I'm in Sarnia, ON, about an hour from London and Detroit. I'd like to avoid shipping it, but I don't mind driving a couple hours (I go to Windsor for school, have family in London, and can get cheap beer in the US).

For references, I have 100% on SSO's iTrader, and my ebay username is reallyshouldntbedoingthis.

Say $600, or $450 without the pickups?

Here's what it looks like through an SLR:

And here's a trve kvlt cell phone pic: