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    Warmoth mockingbird

    Swamp ash body
    3 piece mahogany neck
    Flame maple black stain headstock veneer
    24 frets on 24.75 (longer overhang)
    OFR route
    1 Humbucker
    3 pot holes (2 shoddily done by previous owner)
    Ebony board
    Diamond inlays

    Some damage to paint, pictured. The pics are from ages ago but with regard to condition its not changed since these were taken (cant take newer ones at the moment, or not easily, can probably arrange if you want though). Anton has seen it in person recently and can vouch for this.

    Neck is gibson dimensions (save the 24 fret overhang) but about 2cm thick. Closest profile by feel is probably wizard 2 all told, but not exactly as its narrower.

    The woods and fit are pretty much what you'd expect from warmoth. Its very good.

    It will ship with a fucking clean fretboard (Like I say, old pics, but better than no pics).

    Pictured with hardware that its not coming with (aside from anything else, that would ruin the fun, no?)

    You dont seem to be able to put together the same spec of guitar on warmoth at the moment, but as best I can tell its something like $600 bare minimum. (If anyone knows better than this, by all means correct me).

    Given the paint damage and that its been somewhat fucked with (not by me) I'm selling neck, body and tuners for 200 + postage. (EDIT 1: UK only unless you would like to pay the eye-watering postage to the states/canada/wherever).

    All the other gubbins, which lets face it you dont want anyway is staying (Oooooo a jackson LFR with a mismatching replacement saddle...YAAAAYYYY!). Though if you wanted the pickup, go nuts. Its a kent armstrong distortion, and I'll throw it in for 20.

    Alas, the obvious main selling point stays with me: the skull nob is on another guitar. So ner ner ner ner ner!

    It can be heard here. (EDIT 2: through a JVM).

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    No way that's my old guitar!

    Just to let you guys know the neck on this thing is great and the tone is awesome.

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    Location: UK
    ME: Legra Customs
    MA: Victor Garcia
    MB: Legra Spyder
    Rig: Pittbull CL/Triple Rec

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    Small world. Hi Steve!

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