Description: Daemoness Hadian - 8.5/10 condition

This is the 2nd Daemoness I've owned, and this one is definitely the better player of the two. The neck on this reminds me of a cross between an Ibanez Prestige and a JP6 - it's not too thin, and its not real narrow. I can't comment on any other 6 string necks made by Dylan, but I can say that he hit a one run on this one.

There are two neck-pocket cracks (one on each side). They don't seem to be spreading, but they're there. Also, the neck pocket is rather wide, but there doesn't seem to be any shifting going on. Otherwise, there is light wear on the guitar, and two dings (one on each wing tip) that don't go through to the wood - they're more like light impact points.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case

Location: Mt. Pleasant, PA

International Ok?: Yes

References: A whole lot of folks from, rigtalk, Jemsite,the gear page, harmony central, etc.

Contact: PM or e-mail me:

Price: $3k to $4k (not sure, and not picky)Looking for trades - I'm pretty much open to anything, plus or minus cash is fine too.


Daemoness Hadian Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket