Well, I dont have any references, so if this gets deleted I understand. But, this isnt really a post to sell these items on here. So, if you are in the Houston, TX area... I just made a couple craigslist ads for some of my stuff, here's what i have for sale:
-Jackson RRMG Pro Series Metallic Gray with black bevels EMG 81X/60X- $650
-Ibanez RG7321 Black with Seymour Duncan Blackouts- $250
-LTD MHNT-250 Amber Quiltburst? Seymour Duncan Invaders- $250
Studio Monitors:
-BRAND NEW, unopened, never used pair of M-Audio Bx8 D2s- $350
4x12 Cabs:
-Randall R412CXM w/ Celestion 70/80s- $150 (this one is in horrible cosmetic condition but still rips!)
-Ibanez Toneblaster 4x12- $60

So yeah! If you're in the area and interested in any of this gear, just post up here and I can put up pics/info, etc..