I just got this recently, but it isn't getting as much play time as my white one and my newest acquisition (I'll post it soon.) I love it, but am curious if there is any other sweet 80's gear out there that will give my collection a little more variety. I might sell it, but I'm more looking to trade.

1987 (I think) Yamaha RGX610m with aftermarket hot rod finish
ULTRA awesome RM Pro trem with built in trem stop (I don't have the bar for it)
24.75" scale
24 frets
Will make your balls bigger
Will make your chest hairier

The Duncan that is in the picture isn't in there anymore. I didn't think it was too great of a fit so the original Yamaha pickup has gone back in. More ballsy.

As far as trades, these models or features would be sweet:

Yamaha RGZs
Fender HMs
Anything with a crackle finish
I really dig 1 Hum guitars with 24 frets

Show me what you've got.

Original thread with pics

References: Ebay username Lustcalledknowledge with !00% positive feedback. Good deals with Leon, Randy, TMM and many others. I also have itrader feedback on SSo under the same username.