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Thread: ESP Maverick - 1989

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    ESP Maverick - 1989

    Hi guys,

    Trying to part with my ESP Maverick as it's getting zero play. It's in really good shape with minimal scratches. Pics don't show the branded Duncan JB that I put it in.

    I've traded and sold stuff here, sevenstring.org (canuck brian) and I've got my own dealer forum here. :P

    Looking for $450 with the gig bag + shipping. I'll ship internationally/US as well.

    Not looking for any trades on this. Sorry.

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    Man, I've wanted one of these forever but just can't swing the coin right now.

    Awesome guitar at a solid price man, someone snag this!

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    Damn!!! Great price man....this wont last long....wish I had the cash man....damn.
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    Is it a crazy thin 80's neck, or more rounded?

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    Paging Mr. Oberst!

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    The neck is slightly thicker overall than my old RG770, which is pretty silly thin.

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    Holy want. Good luck with the sale, dude!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Paging Mr. Oberst!
    I thought about it. I'm a bit short on funds at the moment, unfortunately.

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