Hey everyone. This thread is a feeler. not sure if i will actually go through with it but I'm putting up one of my 2 sherman 8 strings. both come with a hard shell case.

I'm a 7 stringer at heart and these are no being played in any bands. I will sell one of them only.

you have the choice between the standard fret guitar that is maple/purpleheart neck through with ash wings and a sick figured bubinga top. Nordstrand pickups, piezo system, coil taps, insane birdseye fretboard. Pickups are extremely low output, with huge amounts of gain you sting get crazy note definition. 28 inch scale. no fret markers. Very small nicks here and there. 9/10

The fanned fret instrument has hotter pickups and is a more "modern" metal style instrument. the scale is 28 - 25.5. maple/walnut(i think) neck through with mahogany wings and a flame maple top. nordstrand fanned pickups, high output, really great sounding. Flamed maple fretboard. has fret markers. probably has a nick or two, can't see any right now.

$3500 + shipping/any fees.

I honestly really don't want to sell one but it's not getting played and i need/want a better 7 string. no trades.