Hey guys, up for sale i have an old japanese 7620. this has an X2N in the bridge and a PAF in the neck position. the pots have been replaced with push/pulls and a killswitch was installed. i did not do any of the upgrades i got it this way. everything works fantastic although the killswitch is pretty flaky sometimes, i may have to try and figure that out before sending it out to someone.

the guitar is in players condition, it has quite a few nicks and scratches here and there but nothing that affects the playability. and boy does this thing play, insanely comfortable. will come with a soft case and packed very well. starting this off asking $550 sale only right now. MAY consider trades but i really need the money right now so that takes priority. located in CO, will get pics up tonight, or as soon as possible. i will try and get pics of all the damage

as for references i am on ebay as schectermark, and i have good deals on here with RGhoarder and lowendtheory.

EDIT: forgot to mention this also comes with a strap and dimarzio strap locks