Purchased from the Axe Palace in 2010, This exemplary Caparison TAT Special Amber (which Caparison discontinued in 2012) has been treated with the utmost of care and looks new out of the case, The only changes to it are the pickups (done by the Axe Palace themselves) where the stock Caparison pickups were changed to a DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and a DiMarzio Tone Zone S in the neck. The thick neck makes for a solid feel and great playability. She sound great in any setting and will be able to handle all your playing needs. There is the normal 3 way lever switch and an additional 4 way rotary switch which causes various pickup configurations.

I sold on ebay as jaksecret and had near 320 positive feedbacks where most of them were guitar and guitar related sales. Also have over 20 positive feedbacks on Jemsite (Jack Secret) & a couple on sevenstring.

Hate to see this one go but I have a niece that needs help paying her upcoming tuition for college so uncles do what they have to do.

Looking for $3300 or best offer. No trade offers, please.