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    FT Ibanez S920e Premium

    Selling this one because it really doesn't get all that much use. I've got the 970cw and it seems to get a LOT more playtime then this one. Plus, I'm not much of an EMG guy - And while it seems logical to simply swap the pickups, I don't really NEED 3 s series guitars.

    I'm not the original owner, but this guitar is pretty near flawless. The only thing I've really done with it is slap some 11-56 strings on it, tune it in drop C and that's it. I've not changed the setup or anything yet. As I said - This guitar sees very little action.

    A couple of finish blems to note right around the edge of the first fret, almost like some clear coat or something got a bit splotched. Doesn't affect playability and someone more handy than I could take care of it. It's worth noting the satin finish on the neck seems to have a bit of polishing from use - But that might just be me overlooking it too.

    I'm gonna let this one go to Canada OR the USA. Which as you may know is a steal of a price! This ones gonna ship from Alberta, Canada in a hard shell case.

    Thanks for looking!

    Edit - Forgot to mention that I replaced the stock volume knob with a standard black chrome dome top knob. That's it!
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    No fret markers? I love no fret markers, I had no idea Ibanez offered guitars without them. NICE.

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    Location: Alberta
    ME: Ibanez S970CW
    Rig: 6505+ Head and Cab

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    I've owned a lot of Ibanez and this is actually the only one I can think of (that I've owned) that hasn't had fret markers. My preference is either offset dots or blank board.

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    Location: Alberta
    ME: Ibanez S970CW
    Rig: 6505+ Head and Cab

    iTrader: 9 (100%)

    Going to actually open this up for trades instead of an outright sale.

    Surprisingly interested in Schecter c1 guitars from any series, but I do find myself drawn to the hellraiser and blackjack series. 6 or 7 strings but preferably 6.

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    Just as an FYI, there are a ton of Ibanez guitars with no fret markers.

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