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    Ibanez RG1077XL

    Ibanez RG1077XL with Dimarzio Ionizer set and Blaze single coil. Few nicks and dents, and the neck was fixed by a previous owner with dowels. Don't let this put you off, repair jobs like this mean it is now a much stronger joint than the scarf joint that ibanezes have. It's reinforced with dowels as well. This guitar is solid, tuning is solid, playability is solid, and if you've had one of these you know the necks are sexy as hell on them, probably one of the best profiles out of all the 7's I've had and on par with the early 90's UV's. I've had it for a year, but sadly I just don't get on that well with 27" scales and vastly prefer 25.5". Thought I might have changed my mind when i got it, but after a year I still find myself playing my UV's all the time. Guitar sounds monstrously huge with the Ionizers in it (beat the shit out of the stocks). Was going to keep it for recording, but have other projects in the works and so need the cash!

    Comes with Thomann hardshell case, tremelo bar!

    Some References (eBay or other forum userid): 7dyingtrees on ebay, 7 Dying Trees on s.org, jemsite and iTrader here.

    This guitar is yours for 750 obo, 650 if you want it unloaded with no pickups (ie, if you decide you want BKP's or Lundgrens in it and don't want the hassle of selling the pickups in it). Shipping costs on top of this. I an courier for approx 20 to the UK, or you can come collect it. Europe will be about 30 at a guess, but PM me location and I'll get a quote for you.

    And here follows the pr0n:

    1077xl Photos by 7DyingTrees | Photobucket

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    Oh man, I thought that just maybe this was the black one I used to own. I would have been unloading something to get that one back
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    Nah, the black one i sold ages ago, really regretted it, but haven't seen it since

    Anyway, this has just sold, so didn't last long at all, frgot how many people seem to want these!

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