I was thinking of throwing some new pickups in this and continuing on with with but after spending a few hours playing it I realised I don't have a use for a 7 string at present. So better to clear it out than let it sit on the rack for another 4 years and there's a Caparison Custom for sale in my area that I want to get the funds together for asap.

It's 97 model, first year AANJ model with Lo Pro edge and one piece maple neck with scarf joint. Has the original blazes in there wired with a 3 way switch although the original single is also included. The original pick guard is gone, replaced by the much sexier BWB 3 ply guard. The frets are fresh with plenty of life left, no divoting and just a slight flattening of the crown. I'd say 90-95%. Yes it comes with the knobs (black fender style ones that came with it originally) and all the screws in the pick guard and rear cover. Just didn't put them in for the photo as I am waiting on a few new ones to replaced some stripped heads.

eBay ID thatmusicguyaus

I have it listed on Gumtree for $1800 but I'll pop it here for AUD$1700 and shipping is available to anywhere around the world excluding Russia. The Australian dollar has collapsed against the green back so to anyone in the U.S., it's approximately $1450 USD and in the UK about 960. Guitar will be sent in 2 pieces international or in one piece local.