Almost mint, bought it new from sweet water in late February. there's very light swirling in the clear coat from where i usually anchor my pinky while playing. evertune bridge does exactly what it's supposed to and I like the EMG's more than I thought I would. but, decided to move it on since my 8 gets more attention.

looking to get $800 shipped, from Clearwater Florida. price is negotiable, so don't be shy.

it's currently set up with teeny gage flat-wound strings for optimum pansy-tension. I used it mostly for jazz cleans during the semester, which worked surprisingly well. thrash riffs are as satisfying as always.

len 25.5"
E .008" dapl == 10.38#
B, .011" dapl == 11.01#
G, .014" dapl == 11.24#
D, .020" dacg == 11.35#
A,, .028" dacg == 11.97#
E,, .038" dacg == 12.13#

total == 68.08#

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