You've seen this guitar in my Japanese Auction thread. Repaired the headstock and refinished where it's been sanded so it feels great. 27 inch scale RG with a Lo Pro Edge, JB/59 factory set, Ibanez special strap locks that are kind of like Dunlop ones but not shit and all the original hang tags, tools, trem arm and even the spare bushings for the trem arm.

Fuck buying a shitty Indo made Iron Label baritone, get a real Japanese RG with a proper trem.

Was considering keeping it but I have this stupid urge to buy a Soldano and my band isn't tuning below drop C so I'm clearing out both baritones.

For the dudes here I'll do a lower price
$800USD including shipping to Con US or Canada
600 if it's going to the UK
800 if it's going to the EU

References include Kosta and Samark on here and my Reverb store That Music Guy Australia

Images are on the reverb page here