I'm selling this on behalf of a bandmate who desperately needs cash to pay his rent.

This is an early 2000s MIK Dean ML Shadow (maybe?), one of the ones made before Dean started slapping Dime's name on all the MLs. As a result, It's tough to find information on it (there's a "dime" version as well with a razorblade inlay and different pickups) but I assume the body is basswood, with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard sans inlays. LFR is pretty good, It was a gigging guitar for many years and it held in tune through a lot of whammy abuse.

There's battle damage all over it, I tried to take photos of the worst offenders. It's not minty by any stretch, but it's a solid, well-playing, well-loved guitar. There's 2 burns on the back of the headstock that would sand out easily.

OHSC included.

Original bridge pickup replaced with a SD Dimebucker by yours truly. Neck pickup is stock.

We'd really like to get $250 shipped CONUS, but are open to offers.

Apologies for the photos, I had to walk him through the process over the phone.

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