CIAM is conquering his egg allergy... By eating egg.

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Thread: CIAM is conquering his egg allergy... By eating egg.

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    CIAM is conquering his egg allergy... By eating egg.

    I've been allergic to egg since birth. It has always been a troublesome allergy, meaning that I have to be incredibly vigilant when it comes to checking food ingredients etc. A few days ago, I ate some fish that was coated with egg. I realised this about a third of the way through my meal, and rushed to hospital.

    This allergy "attack" was the least severe I've ever had, despite the relatively large quantity of egg that I consumed. It would appear that my allergy is waning. Last night, I accidentally ate *MORE* egg (in tablet). Again, my allergic reaction ceased after approximately half an hour.

    I've decided to try and conquer this damned allergy once and for all by immunotherapy ie consuming small amounts of the allergen (egg) until I am no longer allergic. It won't be pleasant (for maybe half an hour per night), but hopefully it will be well worth it.

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    How odd. Is this a regular occurance around the world? I've never really heard much about it.

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    Nowhere near as common as say, allergies relating to nuts.

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    Thats incredibly stupid. When I was younger I was severely allergic to eggs, nuts, seafood, wheat, sesame seeds, and milk. I've gotten over all those and can eat almonds, Cod, Salmon and Tuna now. To do that I just stayed away from those foods and it worked. However, one of my cousins was also born with numerous allergies and his mom just kept feeding him allergens, then giving him a benadryl anyways. He still has his allergies

    So just keep not eating eggs and it will go away eventually.

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    I've heard of therapies that by ingesting small quantities of things you are allergic to and gradually increasing the amount your body becomes immune to the thing you are allergic to. So as long as a doctor is telling you how to do this you might be on your way to beating this.
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    Maybe 2-3 years ago, I suddenly and inexplicably became allergic to absolutely fucking everything all at once. I had to take benadryl every day for about 6 months because no matter what I ate, did, touched, etc, I'd break out in a small case of hives if I didn't. Initially I went to a plain old doctor, who said I had "strong signs of kidney cancer".

    To be certain, I followed up and went to an allergist, and they came back with "strongly allergic" to literally 90% of the shit they tested me for. Rice, hops, grass, nuts, you name it. Went to an actual kidney specialist, he said that my previous doctor was a dickbag and that I had spent a week shitting my pants for nothing. As you can imagine, I wanted to punch the first guy in the face, but the point of my story is that after a few months I stopped taking Benadryl all the time, and I had no reactions to anything anymore. Went back to the allergist and was something like 5% mildly allergic as opposed to my 90% before. I never got a real explanation other than I guess that my system just manned up and stopped being such a pussy, because I sure as hell didn't stop drinking beer.

    So yeah, it may work for you with the eggs. Two of my top reactions were rice grains and milk, and honestly I had a few servings of rice about twice a week, and milk every day.

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    +1 @ getting a doctor involved. Depending on the nature of your allergy, you could be doing more harm than good.

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    allergies are, from my experience, mostly mental rather than physical.

    for example: my brother insists he is extremely allergic to nuts and throws up if he eats them deliberately. however, if you put the very same nuts in his meal without telling him, he's fine.

    he also thinks he has dyslexia, which he doesn't, but I won't go into that

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