So, I'm going into hospital tomorrow morning...

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Thread: So, I'm going into hospital tomorrow morning...

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    So, I'm going into hospital tomorrow morning... have my gallbladder removed through keyhole surgery (unless of course they can't do it that way, in which case they slice me open the traditional way). Apparently, I have gall stones which has not only shocked my doctor, but also multiple nurses and 2 surgeons lol. Why the surprise? Because I'm 22, male, and sitting nicely in the middle of my BMI. I don't have high cholestorol, I'm not over-weight and never have been (so fit none of the conventions of someone suffering from them).

    My doctor told me to write down everything I eat during a week and get back to his surprise my diet consists of lots of chicken breasts, fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, get the point, it's a bit o' a phenomenon. I don't know what he was expecting, maybe he was expecting me to be guzzling vats of lard with every triple whopper he assumed I was eating every hour on the hour. There is also no history of them in my family.

    I have 2 weeks off work 'to rest'...and then apparently I can't do anything strenous for another 4-6 lest I give myself 4 hernias at the same time . So basically I could have 2 months off work because as I'm a hospital porter my job involves moving fat cunts up and down corridors all day so the surgeon advised me against rushing back to work. That'll help the ol' bank account

    I keep getting asked by neighbours, relatives, friends, etc...if I'm worried and 'good luck' and all that bollocks, but to be honest I haven't thought too much about the operation as it's got to be done so meh I know it's going to suck and be a little uncomfortable at first but whatever. I've actually been looking forward to it, strangely, because I have a writing project I've been working on since January-ish and not being able to exert myself might give me the opportunity to get it finished at last

    The only thing that's a bit of a shitter is that my local cinema has started showing old films every week, and on Tuesday they're showing John Carpenter's "The Thing"...and I'm not going to be able to go

    Oh well, as long as I'm better by the end of November when I fully intend on going away to Amsterdamn for the weekend, I care little!

    Anyhoo, I'll probably start posting again when I start feeling more like a human being and less like a desk tidy.
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    Yikes. Good luck! I'm sure that's a pretty routine operation, so everything should be fairly smooth

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    Surgery, no matter how major or minor, is never fun.

    Don't push it and snag some books. Might be a good time to brush up on guitar stuff too!
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    Cheers, the surgeon was telling me how it's a routine op but has some risks...he said he's seen two go wrong in his lifetime and he does them hundreds of times a year. But he pointed out he didn't fuck up the other ones he just witnessed it.

    He said roughly one in 450 go wrong per which I couldn't help but ask how many he had done so far this year

    There was a big kafuffle with my local NHS hospital booking me in, eventually a private hospital offered to give me a place on their theatre list but under the NHS so I'm not paying a ridiculous amount and it's worked out a lot quicker.

    By now I was supposed to be in South Korea teaching English to school children, but I put it off until this was done, I didn't want it causing me any problems whilst I was over there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Surgery, no matter how major or minor, is never fun.

    Don't push it and snag some books. Might be a good time to brush up on guitar stuff too!
    Picked up three today

    And this one, after Dave's thread recommending it
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    We'll be here when you're all better. Keep us posted.

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    My mam has a single gallstone the size of a 50p piece. She's getting her gall bladder removed entirely I think. Shouldn't be a problem dude, just take care of yourself


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    Yikes. I have gall bladder issues, too. And liver. And digestion. Ugh.

    Still, with my diet now, which is super great, I'm jim dandy! You just sound like an odd case, although I also am a) fit, b) hardly eat any fat or bad shit (even less now. Like... none! ) and c) am male (or so I'm told )

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    This thread reminds me of an episode of scrubs...

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Random Scrubs LOL's[/VIDEO]
    Cut to 1:00 in for some comic relief.

    Good luck with the surgery.

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