Lasik Eye surgery - opinions wanted.

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Thread: Lasik Eye surgery - opinions wanted.

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    Lasik Eye surgery - opinions wanted.

    so, i've been saving my money for it, and have my appointments scheduled; however, I'm re-thinking the cost I'm about to put into it, vs the types of procedures out there, vs the cost of the clinic's name (i'm scheduled with TLC - the clinic that Tiger endorses - they're probably of the pricier services).

    After my consultation revealed that my eye's are healthy enough to qualify for any normal procedure, I opted for the Custom procedure, with the blade method, and I'm quoted $1295 per eye. If I understand correctly, from the latest technology to the convention, it goes : Custom bladeless ($1895 per eye!), Custom blade, and conventional.... and then we branch off into other realms such as PRK, etc.

    As my dates draw near, I'm currently re-researching / refreshing my memory as to the different procedures out there and the pros / cons. For example - heal time, vs quality of results, vs cost. My conspiracy opinion is that the first three levels of technology probably have similar heal times and results, but Bladeless is hyped up to be 'the best', so that they can make more money.... when the only difference could be that the procedure is easier for the dr. Higher fees for less work. I want to know if i'm wrong

    Anyway, i'm wondering what the typical costs of the procedures are, from people who've actually had them done (or know of those who've had it).... whether or not the different technologies differ in results, heal time, etc, whether or not these prices are negotiable..... whether or not the 'you get what you pay for' rule of thumb is true in this application. I know we're dealing with eye-site here, and you don't want to f with that..... but if the procedures use hi-tech machines, taking much of the skill out of the doc's hands, then all I would need is an average doctor, right?

    help me out here. I don't have much money

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    I've done a bit of research into LASIK and PRK (or LASEK) surgeries, and I'm planning on having LASEK done sometime in the future.

    Around here, the LASEK or LASIK procedure is done on the same machine with different settings. LASIK involves creating an incision and a flap, using the laser to shape the eye, then folding the flap back over the shaped bit. It is mostly painless and has no downtime. But, it is vulnerable to shock in the future as there is a weaker scar in the eye; it can also have problems with grit and dust.

    LASEK involves reshaping the eye without making any incisions, just taking it off the top. It is uncomfortable (sometimes outright painful) and usually takes a week to 10 days to heal fully, but it does not have the vulnerabilities to trauma and particles that a LASIK procedure can have.

    Around here, it's around $2k for either procedure, and ~$300-500 for post-op care depending on your optometrist.
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    I haven't done much research into these procedures, but i'm growing more and more interested. The thing that troubles me is that all of these procedures are still quite experimental. I want to see long-term data on any post-operative issues down the road. I don't want to be 60 and having my retinas detaching or have premature cataracts or something like that.

    I also want to investigate things like implantable contact lenses and other less permanent, less destructive options.

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    My Dad had it done several years ago and loves it. He's had no problems at all.

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    I would love to ditch my glasses at some point, so I would definitely be interested in doing this.
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    My brother-in-law had his eyes done about 10 years ago. He's had zero problems. But, I'm in the same camp as Darren. I want more data.

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