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Thread: NBD - New Bike Day!

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    NBD - New Bike Day!

    Just got back from getting fitted and getting adjustments to the bike done. So far I've only gone around 10 miles or so, but that'll change tomorrow when it stops raining and cools off

    It's a Trek 1.2, and I opted to put clipless pedals on it, but so far that's all I've done to it. I'm a happy new owner

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    Nice, man! I just got new Bontragers on my Cannondale.

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    ME: LTD EC400AT
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    Took it on a proper ride this morning; 13 miles and I think I'm in love

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    Nice. I work out quite a bit, but I used to cycle a LOT back in the day. My calves and legs are still pretty huge after all these years.

    I need to get a bike. I've got a mountain bike, that's just so so, but I need a proper road bike, since that's what I used to do.

    Awesome, dude!

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