More than I ever wanted to know about caffeine

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Thread: More than I ever wanted to know about caffeine

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    More than I ever wanted to know about caffeine

    What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

    This is pretty damned cool.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    I need more caffeine in me to read all that shit.

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    All you need to know about caffeine:

    It's fucking awesome.

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    In the book, he ultimately likens caffeine's powers to "putting a block of wood under one of the brain's primary brake pedals."
    That is pretty cool.

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    Caffeine also raises cortisol levels, which is what stunts growth for children.

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    I don't intake any caffine if at all possible due to it escalating my anxiety disorder. 2 regular sodas in like an hr or two and I feel like crap.

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    I read through that whole thing, but it struck me as bizarre that it seemed to read like "People drink coffee for caffeine."

    Caffeine has never had any effect on my body, so I can't really understand that. I drink anywhere from 1-8 cups of coffee a day, but I'll sometimes go for a week with no coffee. I've never had a headache from going without drinking coffee and I've never felt like I had more energy after drinking it. In fact, I used to always get sleepy after drinking coffee, but not anymore.

    I just love the way coffee tastes. Coffee is a gift from the gods of the Ethiopian skies unto all of mankind forever and ever. Amen.

    It was an interesting article.
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    I coffee

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