Backstory: I love watching Top Chef, the downside is that watching it makes you hungry as fuck. Since the one playing now involves desserts I had this horrible urge to eat a pastry like food after I was done watching it. Personally, and I'm sure most of you are in the same boat, I don't really have the ingredients or the know how to make delicous pastry like desserts. And even if I did I wouldn't spend >10 minutes on preperation.

So being the ingenious young man that I am, I formulated an idea to make a delicous pastry like desert with the least amount of effort possible. It took some thinking till I arrived at the conclusion that I have all the ingredients to make lemon bar imitations.

Here is the recipe

1) Acquire Bowl
2) Put ingredients in bowl
-Lemon juice (I just eyeballed everything)
3) Microwave for 30 seconds
4) Mix ingredients with zeal

Seriously, it is a grainy lemon like doughy substance that is delicous Probably super unhealthy though.