Anyone else here into scuba diving?

I'm still very new to diving, but I just did some exploring around the wreck of the Catanza Senora in the western cove of Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge in St. Thomas, USVI. Relatively shallow at 45 feet. There's some neat stuff around the area as well...

I managed to see a sea turtle, an eel, plenty of fish, and a barracuda (as this was my first time in salt water in any capacity it freaked me out a bit, no clue how I'd have reacted to a shark ) in addition to the wreck. Others managed managed to see a stingray, but I missed that one.

[VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Wreck Diving Cartanza Senora St Thomas USVI with Dr Mark 1-7-11.flv‬‏[/VIDEO]

The wreck itself has an interesting history and initially resided in the St. Thomas harbor, then was moved to deeper waters as an advanced wreck dive but was broken in half during a hurricane and tossed to where it lays now.

I wasn't able to get any photos or video myself, unfortunately.