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Thread: Advice on bike size

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    Advice on bike size

    EDIT: Looks like I answered my own question. So I offer you this:

    Any opinions on this? I REALLY like Diamondback bikes, I had a Joker BMX bike back in the day and I beat the piss out of it, and it never let me down. This seems perfect for what I want out of a bike, it's not a hardcore mountain bike, but it seems like it'll be great for zipping through some trails. The disc brakes are a nice touch, plus it'll only cost me $100 out of pocket. Plus I like the color and the looks

    The Diamondback Overdrive is within my reach as well, although it's a *tiny* bit more. I don't know much about bikes, so doing the "Compare bikes" thing on Diamondbacks website doesn't tell me much besides different brands on the parts... Any help choosing between these two would be great! I'm pretty sure the "Overdrive" will be a better bike by default seeing as it costs $70 more, but is it worth it? More importantly, what is it that makes it better(besides the 29" wheels, I get that)? (I just want to understand what i'm paying for, honestly.)

    Here's a linky
    Medicine Chief - RHLC

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    Location: Galloway, NJ
    ME: Schecter Loomis ToM
    Rig: Randall RM100

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    Aaaaaaand bought the Overdrive. I'm a big guy - it's a big bike. So fuck it

    Once I get around to putting it together i'll take lots of pics!

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    I like my 29'er. Feels smoother and faster than my wife's standard MTB, which I think is what, 26"? Dunno. I'm not a hard-core bicyclist, I just like what I like.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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