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Thread: Need some help (wrist/elbow pain, long post)

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    Need some help (wrist/elbow pain, long post)

    Hello, Everyone

    For the past 2-3 years I've been dealing with a wrist pain.

    How it started: I was playing my first 7 string (Washburn WG-587) and I was playing some chords fretting pretty hard and on the top strings. I was feeling a bad pain but I thought it was in my forearm (muscle buidling). But it turns it out it was my wrist.

    Now ever since that day the pain has been going off and on. Sometimes it would happen with guitar and I would still play while hurting sometimes I wouldn't (I would usually get really upset). But now there are times were it's fine and sometimes it's not. I can move like just in some random position (not even playing guitar) and it's start hurting bad sometimes just a little pain not even playing guitar.

    I went to a doctor the first time and he gave me some pills and told me to ice it on and off (didn't do this probably as well as I should have) and he said I tenidnitis in my wrist. Pain still didn't stop.

    So I went again and tendinits was in my wrist and my elbow. I have trouble playing standing up at times due to my elbow hurting the way I play. Once again I was still in pain.

    Then I got a car accident and went to a chairopractor. I asked him what he thought and he said massage my forearm. Now this seemed to help some, probably should have done it more. But still my arm and hand wasn't healed.

    Now my wrist hurts once in a while but it seems like now when I stand up to play my elbow will start hurting. I also feel like my pinky at times doesn't have a lot of strength.

    Now I go to a specialist and examines me all over my arms and does X-rays. Doesn't find anything wrong. He tells me to take these pills and still play guitar (kind of cool lol). Now these pills have helped some but not enough to cure my elbow as much as I like to be (no pain at all). Though he said there was some tenidinitis flamatory and he said to come back in a few months if I'm not better. But the doctor also said the only thing he could come up with is what they call overuse syndrome.

    I'm doing some what better I just don't understand the wrist pain coming back and forth (off and on) and hurting so bad when it does. Could I be fretting the guitar to hard or something. My family and friends have told me I do. Though I'm trying to work on it.

    Should I lower my strings on all my guitars super low or do some type of work out?

    Maybe someone may not a doctor that could help me more? Could I really be overplayin as well?
    I usually play 1 hour to 2 hours a day.

    Here's a video of me playing: [VIDEO]]New Riffs on the Universe - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Any signs of bad posture or playing?

    Thanks guys, if you don't have anything to add. It's fine.

    Just wanted to see if I could get some more opinions.
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    ...and which hand would it be?

    There pretty much just isn't a "ergonomic" way of holding your fretboard hand wrist while playing. If you do have one, do share. But you can try it by taking the grip and _holding_ that grip without a guitar.

    Pain coming and going is somewhat consistent with tendinitis. If it is tendinitis, the pain comes from the swollen and inflammatory tendon in your hand. Tendons in your hand run in really tight corners, but they have some space to navigate and live in. When they get inflammational, the swell up. Tight corners as they are, they pretty much get into a tight squeeze which you feel as pain.

    Now, you give it a rest, you eat your pills, the swelling eases up, the tendon gets some more breathing space and voila pain goes away. Yet, a bad day, a bad posture, something whatever, and something irritates the tendon and it swells up again and boom. Especially playing, since all the muscles in your hand are working.

    You do stretch your arm, don't you? Tell me you do.

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    Stop playing immediately and get yourself to a doctor dude. Could be nothing, but it could be tendonitis or something. get your business checked out man. You only get one body, take care of it.
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    Sounds like tendonitis for sure. I had about a year ago in my wrist from work. I stopped playing for about a month and took anti inflammatries and it cleared up. The key is to rest it as much as possible. If u keep playing, it will just get more inflamed.

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    Alright thanks guys, I appreciate the help with everything.

    Been taking pills from the new doctor and I guess I just I need to give it a rest.
    How long though?

    See this doctor told me to keep playing?

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