Electroshock while bike-riding today

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Thread: Electroshock while bike-riding today

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    Electroshock while bike-riding today

    Such an odd feeling. I try to get out and ride a couple times a week, and today I was biking on a dirt trail edging a park near my house. Above me were some huge power lines, like these:

    I've ridden this trail before and never had issue. My bike has metal handgrips attached to the handle bars. I was gripping those and felt a quickly building pain in both hands. It felt like if you accidentally touch the metal part of a power cable plug while plugging it in. Exact same feeling, but radiating through all 10 fingers. I even got a nice little zap from under my seat which is what made me quickly put two and two together. I immediately got out from under the powerlines.

    Crazy. I'd figure with the rubber tires, I wouldn't have to worry. But I guess if there's any moisture on the tires that goes out the window.

    Strange occurrence, definitely. Anyone else ever experienced this?

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    thats shocking!!!!
    Confront and Cry

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    That's pretty crazy man, never heard of that before.

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    Never experienced that back in my bmx days. But I have shocked myself while plugging things into an outlet as you described and also by an electric fence and neither were fun. Glad you're ok!

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