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    Protein Bars

    Good idea, bad, pros/cons vs. shakes? They're a hell of a lot more convenient.

    I'm looking for a low-carb, high-protein, lactose-free, poly-hyphenated post-workout snack that I can toss in my gym duffel or even use as a meal replacement in the morning with my coffee. I'd like to keep the net carb load low, even post-workout. I'm CrossFitting 3x/week, trying to up it to 4x. The workouts are usually a solid stretching/warmup routine, then some form of heavy barwork followed by a fairly grueling workout, usually cardio-heavy but always incorporating additional strength training.

    So far these fit the bill nicely (tasty, many available flavors), but I have researched maltitol, the primary sugar alcohol used, and found it to have a rather high glycemic index (40-50). To me, it probably shouldn't be completely counted out of "net carbs."

    My only complaint about the protein blend is it seems to have a lot of casein, which isn't ideal post-workout protein to my knowledge.

    Nitro-Tech Hardcore bars are another alternative - I used to eat the regular Nitro-Tech bars in college, they tasted like crap but also had a healthy dose of sugar. Looks like they've all gone the "low net carb" route.

    I think Muscle Milk is a decent liquid alternative. It's not as satisfactory (especially as a meal replacement) as munching on what basically amounts to a low-carb candy bar, but then there's the "Monster Milk" which I haven't tried. Am I wrong to interpret the protein profile as mostly casein, though?

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    This is relevant to my interests.

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    Are you trying to build muscle definition, lean out or bulk?

    In other words, do you want to look like The Rock, Jason Statham/Matthew McConaughy/Tom Cruise or Taylor Lautner.

    Each of those physiques has a very specific diet and regimen attached to them.

    Why lactose free? Milk proteins have been shown to be much better than soy/whey proteins. Especially as a meal replacement since its not digested as fast as soy/whey.

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    I don't care for either one of those you listed, and I'm not really a huge advocate of the bars, but the ones I don't mind, from a taste and nutritional profile standpoint are:

    The Detour Low Sugar

    Carb-Conscious Supreme Protein

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    @ Mike: Because I'm lactose intolerant. Not horribly so, but it's an irritant to my body and I try to avoid lactose as much as possible.

    I drank one of these and didn't shit right for 8 hours. Truth in product labeling.

    I need to lose fat and gain strength. I need to improve my control of my blood sugar - when I eat crap food, my resting glucose level is around 100, which is considered "pre-diabetic," so it's best for me to keep carb intake down and regulate my blood sugar through a good diet. I *try* to eat more or less "primal," and I'm aware that a protein bar is nothing of the sort, but as a way to enhance my workout results and tide me over until my next meal, I'm not opposed.

    I see no issue with whey protein, as it is a dairy byproduct but doesn't seem to post allergen issues for the dairy-intolerant, and is supposed to be the fastest-absorbing/most bio-available.

    Egg protein is good too.

    In all fairness, the MET-Rx bars, while possibly heavy in casein, haven't been giving me digestive issues.

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    I like the Detour bars. I've never had the supreme. Stay away from Powerbars. Yuck.

    You may want to look into making your own. I did that for years and I could mix it up however I wanted. It was very handy. Since most of my protein is in liquid form these days, I don't do that as much.

    I've been drinking a MuscleTech Whey protein shake every day and an extra one after my resistance workout. I also pregame my resistance workout by having a Creatine drink about 20 minutes before I workout. If it's a run night, I wont do the creatine since there isn't much advantage for slow twitch muscle workouts. But if I am jonsing, I might have a protein shake afterwards.

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    I would stay away from the ready to drink shakes and get yourself some whey and a shaker cup. The Gold Standard stuff at is awesome, and a quick scan of their forums show that others who are lactose intolerant haven't had any issues with it. Shakes>bars in general because of faster absorption/less filler.

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    I'll definitely echo the Shakes > Bars thing. Lacto-free milk if you're using it as a meal replacement would be my recommendation. I have mine half milk, half water.


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