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Thread: My super badass cereal recipe

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    My super badass cereal recipe

    1 cup of dry quinoa. Cook it in two cups of water. I dump it into the water and bring it to a boil with it in there and cook it around 13 minutes watching for when all the water is EVAPORATED.

    Add cinnamon and a little honey.
    Slice an apple into little pieces into it.
    Tastes good.

    That amount makes a complete meal from hungry to full for a tall active person such as myself.

    ~825 calories 28g of high quality protein(better than beef), only 10g of fat.

    Eat that for breakfast before a day of strenuous activity and you will feel great.

    *Please keep in mind this is a total calorie bomb only for those of us who need over 3,000 a day.

    **If your prewashed quinoa smells bitter and grassy, wash it. Saponin will make you a special kind of ill.
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    Wirelessly posted

    That sounds pretty good. I've still got a bunch of red quinoa floating around somewhere. I'll check this out.

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    Damn, I need this for every day Building guitars is tough work.

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