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Thread: Getting enough Calcium?

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    Getting enough Calcium?

    The past three weeks to a month I have really been feeling like shit. Aching joints all over, knees feel like they are about to blow out, etc. etc. etc. I run in the gym (prefer outside, but this time of year it is too cold/icy and there is no daylight at the times I can manage it) about 60-70 minutes every day, and I have just chalked it up to over training and thought I might have to take a week off or something, incorporate more rest days (I usually only do a rest day once every 10 days). I HATE the idea of that though, because without exercise I am horrible at managing diet and I can probably put on something like 4-5 pounds a week.

    I took a look at my diet. I eat three solid meals a day. Not much variety, I am not a big appreciator of flavor anyways. It's always either a 6 egg omelette, vegetables (carrots/brussel sprouts/onions/mushrooms), and a bowl of Oatmeal, or 400-500 calories of some meat (chicken/beef/pork), vegetables, and a bowl of oatmeal, I only eat fruit from time to time. That has seriously exclusively been my diet for every meal of the day unless I am out with company (two times a week usually). Anyways, I've been doing this level of activity for the last year and a half and this is the first time this level of soreness has manifested itself, so I took a look at diet and realized that the soreness started really hitting about a month and a half - two months after I dropped all significant sources of Calcium from my diet. No cheeses, no milk, etc. etc. etc. Pretty much nothing I eat right now is a major source of calcium. I get 20% from a multivitamin I take once a day, but meat/eggs/oatmeal/the vegetables I eat are all insignificant amounts that add up to nowhere near the advised daily intake for someone my age/activity level.

    Could this be the cause? Opinions? Lots of cottage cheese/yogurt and Kale sound like a good plan? I bought some supplements too, but I'm not a huge fan of supplements in general, and I am terrified of reports I have read of calcium supplements causing kidney stones.

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    Or Vitamin D deficiency. Most milk has VitD added as do some cheeses. You may want to star taking a supplement if you are going to stay away from dairy.

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    Screw the supplements. Try tossing in some whole-fat dairy. Don't go nuts, just eat a yogurt every day and maybe toss in some cheddar with those eggs.

    Kale is always a good plan.

    You may also be over-training with high-impact activity like running. A week off might not even be enough. Try biking or switch to lifting for a while?

    Also consider glucosamine supplementation (it's already in lots of premium brotein powders), or even better try eating some gelatin and cartilage (nothing is more metal than boiling down the bones of your prey into a tasty broth). Try out oxtail - a cheap cut of beef - that includes a vertebrae section. Save the bones for a while, then make soup with them.

    ^^+1 to the vitamin D. Cheap and awesome for you if you're not getting much.

    Just a few musings. I have little experience with joint pain and then curing it with any of the above. But that covers the bases of recommended treatments for sport joint pain.
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    Every year when winter comes around I start feeling cranky and achy, and every year this goes away when I finally remember to start taking vitamin D. I wish I would start remembering sooner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopahmahn View Post
    Screw the supplements. Try tossing in some whole-fat dairy. Don't go nuts, just eat a yogurt every day and maybe toss in some cheddar with those eggs.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone, I will try out all this stuff!

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    Six egg omelet?!

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    Sounds like you're overdoing it. I was incorporating a massive amount of jump rope into my routines, and my knees were starting to pay for it. I would especially feel it when traveling somewhere cold.

    Now that I am doing more low impact, low rep heavier ancillary movements, my knee issues have really cleared up.

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