Sort-of-picstory: my mtb/road biking season so far (60 pics)

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Thread: Sort-of-picstory: my mtb/road biking season so far (60 pics)

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    Sort-of-picstory: my mtb/road biking season so far (60 pics)

    This is one of the best ways to spend time ever. Back in August, I weighed almost 230lbs and decided to get a couple of bikes. Since then, I've done this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Strava
    Distance: 1,045.8 mi
    Time: 101h 15m
    Elev Gain: 58,494 ft
    Rides 88
    I lost about 35 pounds, spent a TON of time outdoors, hung out with my buddies, exercised my ass off and have been treated to a shitload of awesome scenery. I wake up crazy early a lot to go riding (like I did today), but it's absolutely worth it. Here's a crapload of pics from the last few months, with a few captions...

    NH, around 6 in the morning with my buddy Josh:

    The first day I got the Cannondale dirty:

    First ride with the Garmin, mounted in what turned out to be a terrible spot. (You'll see why later..)

    First of 3 blown up rear derailleurs:

    First big ride with my road bike:

    State forest/lake with my buddy Jeff:

    Snapped a link in my chain that day, now I carry a spare. Had to push the bike about 2-3 miles back to the truck.

    Also did this to the Garmin that day. Now I don't mount it there anymore. Went OTB and it ended up between me and a rock. It still worked too, it sounded off the 5 mile increments and uploaded my data to Strava when I got it home.


    A chilly morning on the road bike, steam coming off the river by my house:

    First part of a cold, damp 60-miler with my buddy Josh. Fucking awesome day out, I'd never been so tired at the end.

    Sunrise on top of the Stratham fire tower. Had to get up early and then ride my ass off to make it to the top of the hill that it's on. (And then climb up it with all my gear on, heh). Totally worth it, caught it at the perfect time. This was around ~6:30 in the morning, and the park is 20 miles from my house.

    Later that day after it brightened up a bit:

    Sunset at a state park near my house:

    Some fall pics from Hampstead Conservation:

    My buddy Jeff (he got his bike this year too) and his ridiculous pink gloves:

    Some steep stuff that doesn't look very steep in photographs in NH. That ramp was an ass-clincher.

    The day some dude's dog tried to eat me on the trail, and chewed through my $75 set of shin guards:

    Fall in Hampstead:

    Best trail signage ever. I didn't know where the fuck I was either.

    Catching the sunrise before work on my road bike:

    Fall was coming to the end, and it was cold as hell. I learned that this is the most important tool you can carry with you.

    It was cold as hell that day, but still awesome. New England kicks ass in autumn.

    My buddy Josh again, who answers all of my stupid bike questions, fixes my stuff when I break it, and is in ten times the shape that I am. Dude is a machine on the trail and the road, and an awesome pal to ride with.

    We were at a place called Fort Rock, which looks like this, and is an absolute asskicker of a workout.

    I got rad as hell there.

    My buddy Jeff, less rad, but still a cool day out in a park with a lot of giant rocks.

    Willowdale, which has cool creeks/rivers and stuff.

    I got rad as hell there too.

    End of the season, a few of the places I ride had races and events. The organizers would leaf-blow the trails, so I'd ride them the next day when it wasn't crowded. It's cool as hell, there are basically 5-10 miles of trails that are totally bear with leaf berms on both sides.

    Same spot again, one of the last rides of the season with my road bike. Fall colors and stuff.

    Winter showed up, leaves were down, along with trees here and there.

    Yet another rear derailleur goes kaboom, bearing this time, but my brother and I were able to MacGuyver it together and finish the ride.

    This is right near the entrance to Stratham Hill, and is the best doghouse ever. I've never seen Pretzel, though.

    And a few from this morning, first time riding in any snow at all. It's fucking HARD, you work your absolute ass off because there's so much rolling resistance. Josh and I got out at 8AM, slipped and slid all over the place and did 10 miles of icy hills. It RULED.

    Hopefully not the last ride of the season, but the last pic I took (so far). Here it was in the fall vs today:

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    DUDE, That is fucking awesome! That bridge WTF????

    You rode across this????

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    sick looking little picstory there dude! new england is breathtaking in the fall.

    although best mountain biking i have ever found by far has been in moab

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    I love the outdoors to and man you have some deadly pictures.
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    That's awesome, man. Glad to see you've really delved into this hobby.

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    I need to get my shitty hybrid bike down here, I really need to get riding again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flexkill View Post
    DUDE, That is fucking awesome! That bridge WTF????

    You rode across this????
    I wish I could say I did, but no, I couldn't get up the balls to do it. My buddy Josh hauled ass over the thing, and I stood there for 2-3 minutes trying to get up the courage, but that kink in the middle just scared the shit out of me. It's on my bucket list for next season.

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    also Chris, You need to get Bulb to put his NGD touch on your pics.
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