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    Attn: Runners

    This thing is awesome:

    [VIDEO]] Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp (Titanium): Sports & Outdoors[/VIDEO]

    Great visibility, super light, and is USB rechargeable. It has a blinking red LED on the back as well. Definitely worth the coin if you're like me and need to do your running in the dark this time of year.

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    Nice, I've been using an annoyingly bulky forward facing only one recently. If I happen to have spare money any time soon I might see if I can grab one of these.

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    I wish I could keep running outside at this time of the year... But it's way too cold up here.
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    Not to slag the product, but I haven't shopped at REI since they went to that weird Sears+Patagucci Hybrid and it became hard to find "real" climbing gear and sales folks that actually partook in outdoor activities that didn't involve a paid tour.

    Have they gotten back to their roots? Now that the kids are older, we're getting back into real camping/backpacking, climbing, etc. and MTBing should be around the corner and we'd love to be able to shop at something like REI was up-to the mid/late 90's.

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