Vape/E-cigarette Bros, how are you cleaning your shit?

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Thread: Vape/E-cigarette Bros, how are you cleaning your shit?

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    Vape/E-cigarette Bros, how are you cleaning your shit?

    I bought a Halo Triton system because the $75 Matrix whatever I bought earlier this year turns out to have proprietary threaded atomizers that are impossible to find except in a $15 tank (it's all metal, can't buy the wicks alone, fucking BS, can't find them online) only available from my local vape shop. Which was fucking $$$$$ rape for a single atomizer. Shame, since it was a nice vape. I would have gone for something nicer than the Halo, but the whole shitty nerd culture surrounding vaping and the 8761384 different options was immediately offputting, couldn't find a straight answer for "what's the best vape at X price point" no matter how hard I googled, I just wanted something simple. I do this shit because I have a nicotine dependency, not because I enjoy it.

    Anyways, looking for a fast answer as I am headed out to the grocery store in a few and don't want this buried in the megathread. I am sick as shit of watching tutorial videos. Boiling water? Some kind of alcohol? How are you guys doing it?

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    Rubbing alcohol. Place pieces in cup. Pour in rubbing alcohol. Swish around. Rinse with warm water. Profit.

    Edit: Boiling always seemed like overkill, to me.

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