My 2014 Season of Biking in Pictures

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Thread: My 2014 Season of Biking in Pictures

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    My 2014 Season of Biking in Pictures

    12 months, 12 pics. (With a couple of extras..) Here's what I did this year.

    January was snowy as hell, so I did some hikes. This is at a place called Fort Rock in Exeter, NH:

    February had a couple of nice days. This is from a road ride by my house:

    March was raw, wet and shitty almost the entire month. I went running anyway.

    April finally started getting nicer, so I did some longer road rides. This is a reservoir in Newbury, MA.

    May started the green season which was totally awesome. This was in Stratham, NH.

    As a bonus for May, I also spent my birthday in Norway. Rented a road bike and did about 100 miles out there over the course of a week. Norway is fucking AWESOME for cycling.

    I rode my ass off in June, and MTB season was in full swing here in NE. I went through about a dozen cans of Deep Woods Off and made it the whole year without a single deer tick on me. (Knock on wood). This is at Harold Parker State Forest, one of the hardest/most tech spots around here.

    June also ruled. This place is called Landlocked Forest and is right across the street from where I work. Me and a few buddies I work with rode the shit out of it all season, since we could just finish the work day and hop on our bikes.

    I kept it up in August. This place is called Ward Hill Reservation. It’s a big hill that you wind up and down, and has a bunch of cool bridges over swampy bogs. Tons of climbing, brutal on the legs but worth it.

    I also went to Highland MTB Park for a day of lift-served downhill on a rental bike. It kicked a LOT of ass, and I managed to escape any major injury.

    In September I rode a century called “The Flattest Century in the East”, which was southern MA, CT and Rhode Island. It was my second 100+ miler of the year, and I averaged almost 17mph for it. Weather started out rainy and then turned into a beautiful sunny day.

    I also went to Kingdom Trails in Vermont for two days. 40 miles of singletrack in two days. Completely awesome.

    In October, I rode a group event called the Bear Brook Boogie at (you guessed it) Bear Brook State Park in the middle of NH. 20 miles of incredible riding with some buddies and an all around awesome day. This gets a bonus pic because it’s such a killer spot, right at peak foliage season.

    In November I got a new MTB, and spent a ton of time at my favorite local spot, a place called Willowdale. Each ride is about 15 miles of pure singletrack and a hell of a workout. This pic isn’t singletrack, but it’s pretty anyway.

    Most of it looks like this:

    As a bonus, I also got to do this, which doesn’t happen very often.

    December had a little snow, so I took the fat bike out. It’s a blast.

    This month has been especially awesome, because my girlfriend got a road bike and we’ve had no snow, so we can ride together a bunch. Here’s my last pic, with her new bike, near my house.

    And that’s it! Can’t wait to see what happens in 2015. Get outside, all sorts of cool shit happens!

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    Man that looks like a heap of fun. I'd love to do the bush stuff.

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    Love the pictures, you must be getting in great shape.
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    Congrats on a great year of being outdoors! Two 100 milers in one season...amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are inspiring.

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    Thanks buddy! I did 3 centuries this year actually.

    I've got a whole fleet of bikes right now, so any time you want to pop up this way and go for a rip just let me know! You're welcome to hammer on any one of 'em.

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    Nice! Been trying to find a way to integrate more outdoor activities into life lately. Hauling gear to-and-from the practice space doesn't count

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    Badass, man!

    Remember how, oh, maybe two years ago I used to bust your balls for riding a hybrid and how I'd drop your sorry ass as soon as we hit the pavement? I totally have to eat my words here.
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    I'd have much more money in my savings account if you had just left me alone with my $500 bike.

    But yeah, 2014 was awesome. Had my first ride of 2015 today too! A balmy 21* at the start.

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