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    Bought this yesterday. Stock photo, since I didn't think about taking a picture until today after I got to work. It's a Trek Marlin 5.

    Trek Marlin 5.png

    Nothing fancy but a huge upgrade from what I had (a Murray mountain bike I bought in either 1994 or 1995 from Walmart). Much lighter than the Murray, which was a shock to me. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet, even but I can't wait.

    Funny - I never realized we had so many trails in our city. Bought this from the local shop downtown. Originally was going to get a hybrid bike since I figured I'd just drive it on paved roads in town and MAYBE in the dirt a little bit. Guy that owns the local shop said that there were trails in the woods north of town. I remembered seeing those when I was out surveying one summer. So I got on the internet and found out that there's 6 miles of trails meandering through those woods, plus miles and miles of trails on other hills and valleys. So that changed my mind to go full mountain bike.

    I'm going from 26" tires (on the Murray) to 29" tires on this bike. Will be interesting to see if I notice anything.

    The wife mildly pissed me off a bit. She saw that I got it and said "Must be nice to buy something that fancy for yourself". My comeback at the time was that my Murray is 20 years old and now I gave it to my son, so if I keep this 20 years it really isn't that big of an investment. What I should have said was the last time we went to the Under Armour store she spent $200 +/- on clothes for her and the kids (I never buy new clothes, unless it's T-shirts or jeans, and rarely at that), plus she wants to go again this weekend. She and our son just got back from a trip to California - that was a couple grand after it's all said and done. I buy things for the long haul, not for the short term. I know she was kidding but it irritated me.

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    I know two people that are going to be pretty excited about this (*cough Chris *cough Donnie).

    Anyway, congrats. New anything days are awesome. Have fun with it and tell your wife you got her something, too. A new vacuum cleaner.

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    ME: Schecter Loomis
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    Well, I do the vacuuming so that doesn't work.

    No, she was just joking but we're two different people. I seldom buy things but when I do they are more expensive and last a long time. She buys more short-term stuff, so the costs add up and actually are more than what I spend, but since she's not spending as much at a time she thinks it's OK.

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    Nice! That's a solid looking ride. I'm sure you'll notice a huge difference just from the massive upgrade from the Murry to the Trek.

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    as long as the gearing is good should be a smooth move from 26 to 29

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    Hell yeah dude. 29'ers are the goods. They feel big for the first couple of rides, but after that you won't even notice it. The extra clearance is a lot of fun in the woods, because you can pretty much just carry speed and plow over stuff that you'd normally have to think about. The Marlins have awesome XC geometry too, so they're plenty fast without being overly upright.

    Enjoy it!

    (And, of course, join us on Strava!)

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    Aww yeah!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post

    (And, of course, join us on Strava!)
    Yeah, absolutely do this!
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    Wirelessly posted

    Oh yeah, Strava! I'll start logging my rides again too

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