Average Doner Kebab = 1000 calories!

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Thread: Average Doner Kebab = 1000 calories!

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    Average Doner Kebab = 1000 calories!

    BBC NEWS | UK | Study reveals 'shocking' kebabs

    Wow, I stopped eating kebabs a long time ago because I knew they were bad for you, but holy fuck 1000 calories! That's insane!

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    what the hell is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    Doner kebabs are very popular with many people in Great Britain, often as an end to a night out and especially if the purchase has been preceded by consumption of excess alcohol. These kebabs are also served in pita bread with a wide choice of salad and of many different sauces.

    Health concerns about doner kebab, including unacceptable salt and fat levels and improper labeling of meat used, are repeatedly reported in UK media.
    Strips of (but not restricted to) lamb in a pita bread. I used to order them with no salad on them, but with lashings of mint sauce.

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    Looks tasty, but not worth all those calories.
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    So do you guys get these from street vendors? Something like the 'sausage guys' we have in the US? Or are they from restaurants? Take out?

    I'm intrigued

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    döners ftw! Only place I've had those things is germany, got 'em from normal food places, not those walking stands but those probably exist too. I've seen walking stand kind of things in the US which sell them though.

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    I like a nice kebab, but that's a hell of a lot of calories. Just as well it's been a long time since I had one.

    Kebab's are usually bought from either a take away food joint or a (possibly dodgy looking) van parked up at recognised spots. The places that sell them usually sell burgers, hot dogs and pizza's too.

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    I've not had a kebab in years because I knew it was quite bad. But during my 'college years' me and my mates would go out drinking about 3/4 nights a week and usually end with a kebab.

    No wonder we all put on so much weight. Good thing most of us (including me) stopped our habits and worked out.

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