Anyone try Keto?

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Thread: Anyone try Keto?

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    Anyone try Keto?

    Its kinda the best and worst at the same time.

    Pro - all of the meat

    con - none of the bread.

    digging it so far. Less than a week in, down nearly 10 pounds.

    party time.

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    is it similar to atkins etc?

    damn thats a hell of a drop

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    I had a friend lose a ton of weight on it, but the instant he stopped it all came right back on. Make sure you toss in some lifestyle changes and exercise. Cardio + muscle building is the best way to burn fat, everything else is just a stopgap.

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    I can confirm pretty much everything in here. I mean at least for my "version" of it. Just to go for sure: "Keto" is understood here only in accordance with your doctor and to a very tight plan - everything else, including the stuff i do, is just a lowcarbhighfat diet in between atkins and keto.

    I was up at 107 kg, got under 100 very fast, i think in 3 weeks or so. When i was "stuck", I added cardio (cycling on the hometrainer) in my schedule. All-in-all I got down to 82 kg, got a bit lazy, went up do 87, stayed there for 1-2 years, stopped smoking, went up to 97 in a month or so, am back down to 87 now. Big plus: I really got rid of my "flatulences". I shit you not (in the truest sense of the word).

    It's not "easy living", you still have to keep "counting calories", but not as tough anymore as before. My typical day is bacon+eggs in the morning (or bulletproof coffee if i am either out of time, or just can't get anything down), "sweet salad" (nuts+fruits+joghurt) for lunch at work, and something like steak + vegetables for dinner. I try to keep it that way monday to friday, and have 2-3 cardio sessions per week (~45 minute each). If I stick to that, I have cheat day on saturday, where I just eat EVERYTHING coming my fucking way. Waffles for breakfast, DROWNED in maple syrup, Pizza for lunch, cookies, chips, beer, burger in the evening, whatever you have. I am then almost dead on sunday, and it's tough to go back to routine, so sunday is a "so-so" day. with that schedule I still lose weight, but not much anymore, ~ 0.5 kg/ 1 pound per week. But it really is on the limit. additional cheat on any evening = no weight lost. additional cheat on 2 evenings and sunday = weight gained.

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    Ketones in your urine has always been an extremely bad sign. I remember even back from when I was 13 years old, my blood meter saying "Check for ketones" as a "WARNING! EMERGENCY!" kind of thing. On the other hand, I know the ketogenic diet was developed for children with epilepsy due to their very peculiar condition. Even so, I can't help but think "Wouldn't that lead to ketosis, kidney stones, and so on?!" And, of course, it can lead to those things.

    But, like Chris said, everyone I've known who has tried it has lost a bunch of weight on the diet, then gained 100% of it back when they got off it. In fact, oftentimes they'll gain more weight than what they started with.

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    I'm currently doing it, and have dropped 70lbs so far after starting in February. I feel better now than I have in years. More energy, less gas, and I stopped snoring (yes, after snoring like a bear for the last 15-20 years, I stopped snoring within a few days of starting the diet). My fiancee's Crohn's has all but cleared up when she dropped the carbs as well.

    Yes, if you stop the diet and go right back to your old ways, you will put the weight back on immediately and then some. You have to treat it like a life change. It has helped to curb my love of sweets, carbs, and soda. I'm not starving all the time, so I don't snack, which keeps me from eating the junk I used to. Most meals now are proteins in combination with natural fats and vegetables. I love berries, so they are my dessert (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries), in combination with dark chocolate. I do need to add in some exercise, but everything lost so far has been through diet alone.

    Cardio and weightlifting are great... as long as you are still burning more calories than you are eating. When it comes down to dropping weight, that is really what matters.
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    Clean whole foods + No Processed Foods + Moderate Exercise + Plenty of Sleep + lots of water = Healthy Body

    It's not rocket science. I accidentally started doing Paleo (I had never heard of it until a couple years after I started changing my diet) and have been feeling great and maintaining a healthy weight for my body and age ever since. I have zero desire for a cheat day, I feel like crap if I do. If I eat anything like waffles, cookies, etc or anything with lots of carbs and/or sugars I feel like shit afterwards so I quit eating that stuff all together. I still drink beer, whiskey and wine, which isn't Paleo, but I'm not trying to be strict Paleo, just eating clean foods and getting plenty of rest.

    I've always thought a persons diet is mostly a mental thing. Once you mentally start thinking about it and being aware and being intentional with your food choices you will stop having cravings. When you need to have a cheat day, and you spend the week looking forward to a cheat day, then you really haven't committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Its more like suffering for a week for a prize at the end of the week. It's like the goal is the cheat day, not being healthy in general. Every week when you get to that cheat day you shock your body with all the carbs and sugars and then your body has to start over moving that stuff out.

    Myself I just did a slow change over a year or so to eating better foods instead of making a drastic change and a binge once a week. It took a while, especially after 40ish years of eating shit food, but now my reward for my diet is just feeling fantastic, not 10 lbs of nachos, a couple dozen chicken wings, a large meat lovers pizza and 2 liters of soda during a football game on Sunday. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DomitianX View Post
    Clean whole foods + No Processed Foods + Moderate Exercise + Plenty of Sleep + lots of water = Healthy Body

    It's not rocket science.
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