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Thread: Suhr Rasmus M200 Here!

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    Suhr Rasmus M200 Here!

    This new affordable line of superb guitars from Suhr sets the standard for tone, playability and value at a whole new price point. It features: Suhr Modern model body shape, North American Alder body and Maple neck with Indonesian Rosewood fretboard, Modern Elliptical .780-.830" neck shape, 16" fretboard radius, 1.650 nut width, Jumbo nickel frets, Gotoh Floyd locking bridge, chrome diecast tuners and hardware, Suhr SSH+ humbucker in bridge and Suhr SSV humbucker in neck, 1V 1T 5-way. Black Metallic finish. Deluxe gig bag included.


    When you buy from me you'll pay no sales tax if you're located outside of MA, we ship for free inside the USA and included a free setup to your exact specs, and I can get you 6 months 0% interest financing if you want it! Please call, email, PM or use "live chat" on our website for more info.


    Matt's Music Center
    35 Pleasant St # 3121
    Weymouth MA 02190 USA
    6 months 0% Financing Available
    Now Stocking Xotic and Zvex Effects
    Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop Dealer
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    PRS, Grosh, Suhr and Anderson Guitars Dealer

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    Have you played this puppy yet? What does it look and feel like to you?

    I forget the details of the line - will they be offering Rasmus hardtails? I also remember a wine red color... any others?

    I love that you carry so much sweet gear.

    EDIT: I checked out the new website for Rasmus, I see the colors available and I see hardtails. H/S/S pickup option too.
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    Wait... a guitar I can afford?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Wait... a guitar I can afford?
    I know, right? I'd love to try a H-S-S or H-S Modern in a color other than black. I'm pretty sure there are plans for a Rasmus sig model from someone (maybe from the Absence? Can't remember the guy's name) whose Suhrs are all H-S, maple boarded, with purple or blue finishes. Something like that would be perfect.
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    I believe there's going to be a Guthrie Govan signature Rasmus.

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    As much as they seem like they'd be a good deal, I was kind of underwhelmed with the one I played. IMO it didn't Play like any Suhr I'd ever tried. And in the uk I believe I can get a better similar spec'd axe for the money (Charvel San Dimas/SoCal to name just one.)

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    Correct, I have a couple on order if you'd like to reserve one or have questions about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    I believe there's going to be a Guthrie Govan signature Rasmus.

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    Can't get on with the Modern's shape but I am quite interested in the Rasmus Standard models.

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