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Thread: Just Named #1 SUHR Dealer on Earth!

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    Just Named #1 SUHR Dealer on Earth!

    Woohoo! We've just been named the biggest Suhr guitars dealer on the planet!

    If you're considering the purchase of a Suhr guitar, amp, pickup or pedal... Both Jay and I here at the shop would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We know the guys at the factory extremely well and can handle even the most complex of orders with ease. We have immediate build slots open and can usually deliver a custom guitar in about 3 months. We've got several financing options available, we ship worldwide, we charge no shipping to most USA locations and I promise, you won't find better service anywhere!

    Please drop me a PM, email, use Live Chat on our website or give us a phone call if we can help.

    And thanks to Suhr for giving us this award!


    Matt's Music Center
    1597 Main Street
    Weymouth MA 02190 USA
    Welcome to Matt's Music!
    6 months 0% Financing Available
    Dr Z, Bad Cat, ESP, Jackson & Charvel
    PRS, Grosh, Suhr and Tom Anderson Guitars
    Splawn, Bogner, Diezel, Mesa Boogie, Two Rock
    3 Time Winner of NAMM's "Top 100 Dealer Award"
    Swart, Morgan, Friedman, Fuchs, Strymon & More!

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    Congrats indeed!

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    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
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    Hell yes! Congrats buddy!

    Both of the Suhrs I bought from you are awesome!

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