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Welcome to MG.ORG! Introduce yourself here.

  1. Greetings from NYC the place to be!  

    Hey Guys I'm Pete. I've been playing guitar for years and have been gigging pretty regularly in the NYC Tri-state area mostly NJ. I love all...

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  2. Bad at titles  
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    Seriously - does anyone else have that problem when writing? Titles are just the worst. All of my song titles are either _01 or the first thing I...

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  3. Mama I'm coming home!!!  

    Started playing back in 2008 and gave up in 2011 due to various personal reasons. But I'm back now and I want to make up for lost time. Having...

    Sarvar Saied
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  4. Greeting from Denmark, I am here with my axe  

    Hey, members of metalguitarist, here is a video of me:

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  5. Hi  

    There are some who call me... Shawn... And now with the bad Monty Python reference out the way, I came over from SSO. Glad to join the community....

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  6. Metal Rhythm Guitar - I need your questions for my guide  
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    Hi everyone, this is Simon Revill. Iím a full time guitar teacher and transcriber from the UK and Iím a new member to this forum. As well as saying a...

    Simon Revill
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  7. Hi everyone! What do you think of my metal riff?  

    Hi everyone! My name's Kenny. I wanted to introduce myself and share a riff. I've only been playing metal for a year. And yes I know I need a...

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  8. Greetings from Sweden!  

    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Dino Medanhodzic, and I've been working as a producer/mixing engineer for over a decade. Mainly...

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  9. Hi new member here  

    Hello, I'm Steve from the bay area in california Been playing guitar for a few years. Love heavy metal. Have a few guitars such as Epipone...

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  10. Hi from the UK  
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    Hi, I am the owner of a fairly well known (at least in the UK) pickup manufacturing company. Thought I'd poke my nose in here, and perhaps be able to...

    The Guitar Weasel
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  11. Meet the Hellion  
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    What's good peeps? I'm new here. Haven't played regularly since high school. I'm considering picking up a guitar again. I mostly dig metal from the...

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  12. New to forum, old to metal  
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    Just stumbled onto this place the other day and it looked cool. Been listening to metal since Sabbath's The Wizard was a new hit on the radio in...

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  13. I agree, I hate this place.  
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    I came here from another site as a fan of black guitars with Floyds because I thought it'd be a pretty good repository of metal guitar related...

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  14. Greetings from Los Angeles  
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    Hey guys, just checking in. Totally dig this website. I'm an old guy and have been playing for a while. Mostly metal. Death and Doom. Have a couple...

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  15. New here from Ohio  
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    Hello all, just found this forum and it looked good, so here I am. Grew up on 80s metal but I'm into some new stuff too and everything in between.

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  16. My fourth introduction  

    As far as Chris told me I was the first guy to financially support him ever. I really liked Chris and what he did. I was always a bit upset that it...

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  17. My third introduction.  
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    As far as Chris told me I was the first guy to financially support this site ever. I really liked Chris and what he did. I was always a bit upset...

    El Caco
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  18. Charbonneau Guitars from Montreal  

    Hi everyone ! I'm P-H Charbonneau from Charbonneau Guitars in Montreal and I want to salute everyone of you ! I'll be posting my builds so if you...

    Charbonneau Guitars
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    07-31-2016, 11:37 PM Go to last post
  19. English guy near Barcelona, Spain  
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    Hey guys, I've worked in some varied and interesting fields over the years, but nothing has ever answered the itch that is music. When I was 4...

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  20. Hi there  

    Hello, I'm Philippe, a belgian guy, I play the guitar since I'm 15, I stop a few years but take it back at full time 3years ago. My biggest...

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