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    Hey there

    Hi there,

    My name is Jamie or MrMetal whichever one you would rather call me, I'm from a small town in Southwestern Michigan, and I listen to a lot of metal, mostly all brutal death, and really anything that proves musical intelligence, hate rap, hate country, hate pop, just really metal and anything that relates to it

    I play guitar, a washburn WR-150 before they were made in china, so its a decent axe, and a Schecter Elite with the 81 85 set up and floyd rose bridge (love that guitar), I have been playing guitar for 8 years

    I also play Bass, I have a Traben Array 4, love this bass, best metal bass on the market for beginning metal Fanatics, I have been playing bass for 8 years now

    and I also play the drums, I have a 9 piece Ludwig kit, it started out as a beginner kit but i just added on to it, i have a quad bass set up going for me, which is just awesome, two bass drums with the sonar pedal that has the heel plate, and i play with sabian cymbals, for now, I would like to get zildjian one day, but money is tight at the moment

    and as of now i do not play in a band

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