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    Hi guys!

    Hi guys,

    my name is Felix and I'd like to introduce myself in a few sentences.

    I've been playing for almost eleven years now and I'm always curious about new inventions in the universe of guitar playing. That's why I picked up my first 7string guitar about six years ago (that was a nice RG7620 gray nickle, I miss that one...), althought I absolutely had no clue what to do with that extra string back then! But it seemed like a cool idea and the longer I had this guitar, the more I discovered its potential and integrated it in my playing. Since then I always had at least one 7string at home and right now I can't think about how it would be without them.

    Years later, I saved up money to buy my first baritone guitar and was blown away again. Then the 27 fret guitar came, another cool idea I had to try out.

    Right now I just picked up my 2nd 8string, an RG2228. I already had one when they came out, but I sold it way too fast after only two months without really having played it. The regrets came immediately. I think that's the reason why I'm really excited about this thing this time and I'm determined to discover all its secrets!

    So, I hope I can draw some advices from the knowledge of you guys here concerning 7 and 8 string playing and that you guys don't take everything too serious just like it is on another forum...

    Cheers from Germany!

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    Welcome aboard, matey. Yarrrr.

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