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    A newbie from belgium

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a newbie coming from... Belgium
    I don't use any translaters to speak, no no... it's too bad, writing is horrible, reading is horrible... I prefer to use my English skills to write here, and I know what I say

    So, a little introduction could be useful I think.
    I think you know I'm a belgian now... (wonderful deduction !)
    I'm 19, I'm a man, guitarist at first
    I like to listen to Heavy Metal, Death Metal (melodic is better, Children of Bodom such an example), Black Metal (Dimmu Borgir rules *-*), neo-classical Metal (warmen is a very good example), classical music (J-S Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... I couldn't write every names ).

    I've played guitar for 2 years (mei 2008 I got my first guitar, but it was a freind's guitar ), now I got several guitars : a GRG70 from Ibanez, a LTD Alexi-200 (EMG 81 soon, or SD Blackout Metal), and my newest is a folk, a V205 from Ibanez.
    My amp is a Spider III From Line6, 120W. I like this amp cause it's a very good amps which allows you a lot of possibilities, in clean, distorsion, crunch and a lot of styles. Integrated effects are good, I like it *-*

    I play essentially Heavy Metal, but sometimes I play classical music, instrumental rck (Jimi Hendrix or Steve Vai, it's a pleasure to play these pieces of music). I actually works on somes riffs from Children of Bodom, Hate Me! and Bodom Beach Terror. Work made by ears, very hard exercises but full of learning.

    I want to be a guitarist recognize all over the world, like Steve Vai or Alexi Laiho for example (even Roope Latvala rocks better than Alexi in terms of speed and precision). It need a lot of works, perhaps luck.
    I want to learn a lot of styles and possibilities allowed by guitar and sound modulation by pedals and amps.

    I come to this forum to talk, in a language i really like. I register in a French forum, but I missed English, talk in a different language and with people from a different country is interesting. But i don't know, it's a british or american forum?

    Thanks for reading my little introduction ^^
    My last words on these post will be : Please, don't worry about the mistakes I made (if you read something greater than eiffel tower in a indian village... tell me where )

    Good Guitar as I like to say

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    Bienvenue! / Welkom! / Welcome!
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    All Belgian guitarists are welcome...

    ....with the exception of COW.

    BTW your English is fine.

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    Thanks you for your greets

    I have a little question... What does BTW mean? I knew that in another life but I forgot it

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    By The Way.

    How far is Charleroi from Bruxelles? Went to Bruxelles twice, also went to Gent (or Gant?) and Bruges.

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    I think Charleroi is 80 kilometer (50 miles) far from Bruxelles, but I'm not sure, I went to Bruxelles by train every time I had something to do (once by car, but I was aslept...).
    I never went to Bruges and Gant/Gent (I don't know how to spell it, I think there's 2 different spelling... ^^')

    Thanks for your answer about BTW

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    Welcome! There is lots of information in this forum, so go digging around!

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