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Thread: Ellooooooh!

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    Hi there folks!

    After popping in continuously for quite a while, I finally pulled myself together to register to this awsome forum of yours... So: Hai!

    - Here's a little info about me.
    I'm 18 years old and live in the northern part of Denmark (the little fella' just across from Sweden), where Im finishing up on my last year of high school. I've been playing guitar for a few years now. When I was younger I took a few lessons on an acoustic nylon string at our local music store, but after learning my first three chords I essentially found it really fucking boring, and so I quit. Later on I got a cheap strat copy and a 4 watt practice amp which I also grew tired of pretty quickly (You might have wanted to call me a spoiled brat). But then one day about a year and a half ago I just felt like trying it out, and Ive been playing for a few hours a day ever since. So far I'm self taught, but after a loooong time of not really feeling that I've been going anywhere, I am actually going to my (new) first lesson this Tuesday

    At the moment I'm using an Epiphone LP Custom Chrome Limited Ed. (Couldn't really afford a Gibson, but this one seems to be doing the trick aswell, at least for now), through a Vox wah and a Marshall MG15CD practice amp. A setup that I'm really happy with, although I'dd like to save up some money for a real big mofo of a tube amp at some point later on .

    Additionally I love long walks in the moonlight, candle lit dinners and especially the early work of Ozzy accompagnied with Mr. Rhoads, GnR and Mötley Crüe does the trick for me.

    I hope to have a bunch of good times with you guys, geek out on some cool music and whatever a membership inhere might bring,

    So cya 'round the forums

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    Making metal every night and day.

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    Great introduction! Welcome to the forum!

    EDIT: Why is the shredder wrong handed? Do we really have to empower Scott even more?

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    Competition eh?

    But for real
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    I do enjoy a nice Carlsberg.

    I have been playing for 30 years, and just started studying seriously two years ago. I really wish I had done so when I was younger and had more energy and less commitments outside of music... but alas, youth is wasted on the young. My advice, find a good teacher and really study music and the guitar, it'll be worth it

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    The Industrialist

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