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Thread: Hola...

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    Join Date: Jun 2011
    Location: North Carolina
    ME: EBMM JP 13
    MA: Yamaha Classical Guitar
    Rig: Mark V w/ 2x12 V-30 Cab

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    Hey, Everyone
    I'm Venator. Huge fan of metal and all types of music.

    I'm a musician myself working on my album at the moment. Hopefully I will have some clips up soon.

    My Gear consit of the following (If anyone is interested):
    Ibanez Univese UV7Bk
    2x Steinberger Spirit Gu Deluxes
    Ibanez RG3exQm1
    Washburn WG-587 (7 string)
    Classical Yamaha Guitar
    Squier Strat
    Jackson Dinky signed by TSO.
    Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Amps / Cabinets
    Peavey 6505+ Head
    Fender V-30 Cab
    Peavey Valveking Cab

    Boss DS-1
    Line 6 Pod XT

    Computer/ Recording Software
    Superior Drummer 2.2
    Mac 21 inch.


    One more thing I do minister the Gospel with my music. So if anyone has any prayer request or questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Feel free to message me.

    I hope I can be a helper around here and enjoy everyone's company sharing in common something we all enjoy.

    God Bless, Venator
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    Location: Arizona
    ME: Ibanez
    Rig: Mesa Triple Rectifier

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    Join Date: Jan 2009
    Location: Canadia
    ME: none
    MA: Seagull!
    MB: None.
    Rig: Hd500->V300->Mesa 212

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    Welcome, pictures of your guitars!!!!

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    Join Date: Jun 2011
    Location: North Carolina
    ME: EBMM JP 13
    MA: Yamaha Classical Guitar
    Rig: Mark V w/ 2x12 V-30 Cab

    iTrader: 0

    Thank you both and I'll try too get some HQ ones up!

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    Location: Ohio
    ME: Schecter Loomis 7
    Rig: Boss GT-8

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    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    Without music, life would be a mistake.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Join Date: Jun 2006
    Location: Earth
    ME: 02 NAMM Jackson RR
    MA: Takamine 12
    MB: Spector Euro 5
    Rig: SLO|Road King|‹berschall

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    Location: Portland, OR
    ME: Les Paul
    MA: Les Paul
    MB: Les Paul
    Rig: Mini Rec

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    Making metal every night and day.

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    ME: ESP Maverick
    Rig: 6505~(some pedals)~Orange

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    Welcome to the forum!
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