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Thread: I say hello from central coast, CA!

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    I say hello from central coast, CA!

    A little late in the evening/early in the morning, so a quick hello and what's up to you all! I think that I've found the last forum I'll ever need here...

    I've had some bad experiences on the HCAF, and so you won't find me involved in bullshit arguments about whatever.. Life's all too short, and I'm all too above and over that type of thing.

    I write most of material for the bands I've played/play in. Its my passion, what allows me to wake up in the afternoon, and I feel that I get better with each composition. I've spent the last 12 years, almost nonstop, in or building up bands and/or projects. If any of you have connections here in central coast California, I'm all eyes and ears. I moved hear eight months ago from my home town of San Diego, so I don't too very many musicians up here yet. There is a budding metal scene here in SLO County, however! Scene unity always seemed to be so sadly missing in San Diego - a town where EVERYONE thinks that they are something special, more often than not for no reason whatsoever. It was a great place to live, party, surf, party, and play the occasional great show, party. But in all honesty, SD eats its heavy bands alive. The indies scene gets the most support down there.

    So yeah, the future looks great up here! I just need a drummer who can manage the playing at the level of the songs in my sig; a vocalist who mixes the art of say.. Mike Patton, Tom Arraya, Phil Anselmo, and Randy Blythe; and a bassist who knows when to keep it basic and underscore the guitars, yet has the ability to take the forefront from time to time.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to talking with you all much more!

    PRESENT (need musicians!)


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    I'm a big fan of Mike Patton, and Lamb of God and Pantera both rule as well.

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