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Thread: Salutations!

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    Hello denizens of

    Chris has finally convinced me to make an account over here and so it shall be. So yea... basically I suck. Played for about 9 months or so back when I was fifteen (yay power chords) but then gave up on guitar. Just got back into it 3 months ago after a decade of neglect and have made some pretty great strides.

    I like classic (heavy) metal and blues/rock mostly, but I like to dabble in all sorts of styles just to pick up new tricks and ideas.

    I figure I have to show my current guitars, right?

    First is my brand new MIM Tele I got this weekend. Love it to death, plays like a guitar worth 10 times what I payed. Going to be kitting it out over the next few weeks.

    Second is my Epi LP Studio Limited. Plays like ass, currently at the Luthier to see if she can be saved.

    Other than that, hello!

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    If you're a friend of Chris' then you're a... wait... no that's not true!


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    Haha welcome man!

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