Greetings from Hungary!!!!

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Thread: Greetings from Hungary!!!!

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    Greetings from Hungary!!!!

    Greetings to Everybody on this site!

    My name is Akos Fazekas I am a hungarian guitarist in metal band called Art of Haven and I have a solo career too:

    ‪epitaphium1986's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

    I hope that I will met a lot of kind guitarists here!!!

    All the best, and stay tuned!

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    damn dude love the jams
    ESP/EDWARDS GUITARS!!! "This is why I don't let bassists into my apartment. They have to stay on the porch." YES!! finally i found one, at 3:24 Paul Gilbert hits a bum note. HE IS HUMAN AFTER ALL!!

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    Hey there

    My Mom's Hungarian, but unfortunately the only things I know how to say in Hungarian is "kiss my ass" and dog commands (Had an Aunt and Uncle w/ a dog that only understood Hungarian lol)

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